Introducing our New Feature: Elevate Your Professional Image with Stunning Headshots!

At Agaeva Photography, we specialize in creating impactful headshots for entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone seeking to boost their personal brand. With nine years of experience, our dedicated team crafts professional images that set you apart.


Why choose us?


• Expertise: With a focus on branding photography, we know how to highlight your best qualities for authentic and professional results.
• Personalized approach: Tailored to your unique brand, audience, and goals, we ensure your headshots reflect your vision.

• Comfortable sessions: We create a relaxed atmosphere, guiding you to showcase your natural confidence.
• Attention to detail: From wardrobe to makeup, we ensure every aspect enhances your professional image.
• Versatile packages: Whether for LinkedIn, websites, or promotional materials, we offer options to suit your needs.


Invest in your professional image today and stand out with headshots that truly represent you. Capturing brands at their best. I will help you to expand your business and unlock your potential.





In your home, office, at your place of business, in your studio / workshop, or out in the wild!

Headshot Investment



Silver  ·  350 USD

20 min, 3 highly edited images, outdoor or on a backdrop, 1 outfit




Gold  ·  650 USD

40-60 min, 15 highly edited images, outdoor and backdrop, 2-3 outfits




Platinum  ·  800 USD

 1-2 hours, 25 highly edited images + all in color correction (150+) outdoor + indoor + backdrop zoom consultation + PDF guide with all recommendations and social media strategy, 3-5 outfits, 2-3 locations




Corporate  ·  185-250 USD

3-5 people: $250 / person, 6-10 people: $210 / person, 11-20 people - $185 / person.

Session fee covers studio setup at your chosen location, each person receives 4 digital highly edited images. Each extra image purchased separately for $35 / image


Here's an example of before and after our beautiful client's Instagram. Package Platinum was used to achieve this grid.

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