Hello! Nice to meet you

My name is Victoria. I'm From Belarus. I moved to the United States in January, '18. Now I live in Jacksonville, but available also in Orlando, and other nearby places.


I am happily married and a proud mom to a wonderful 11-year-old daughter. My journey as a professional photographer spans over nine years, but it wasn't always my calling. After completing university, I ventured into teaching at a school, but deep down, I knew there was something missing. Life is what you make of it. Recognizing the power of passion, I made a bold decision to turn my love for photography into my career. It was a transformative moment when my work became my true passion, and my passion became my work. Now, every day, I pour my heart and soul into photography, cherishing it as more than just a job, but the most fulfilling occupation in my life. That's why I put my whole soul into shooting. One aspect of photography that brings me immense joy is capturing the natural beauty of girls and women. I have honed my skills to showcase their unique essence and charm, creating timeless and authentic portraits.

During my photo shoots, you'll never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. I take great care in guiding you throughout the session, suggesting the best poses, and helping you find your most natural and genuine smile. If you're looking to have a fantastic time, explore new roles, and capture amazing pictures, then you're on the right path!


I believe that our photo shoot will be more than just a professional session; it's an opportunity to form a bond. I'll be there every step of the way, and I'm confident that we'll connect and become friends. I'd be thrilled to be your go-to family photographer, capturing your special moments and creating cherished memories together. Let's embark on this wonderful journey of photography and friendship!

New York 2020

Victoria Agaeva Photography Promo: anniversary photo shoot